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Monday, September 7, 2009

the absorber and mrs chuck bass

soo the whole class is creating what type of super power they would like to want to be the absorber..technically everyone in the class have their own super power..i'll be surrounded with superheroes in no time..heres how it works..whenever im near with anyone that have any type of super power im actually absorbing their super power..but it wont effect their abilities..i still have the thing u call HEART..not only using the power while im with the owner but i cn also keep the power..i cn almost do anything..flying..healing..stop the time..control anything using my take anything by saying the name of the object..turn back time..make everyone fall in love with me..if i really can do that..besides than my families and my friends that are already madly in love with me..i only need one man's love..and he is chuck bass!!!with him in my life..i'll be jumping around the whole year..from helena azmi to mrs chuck bass..i dont need anything else..but i stil need the super power to make chuck love me forever..;p..i'll be the richest maiden in manhattan..i'll be able to speak anya.marc and even bugatti's language fluently..and blair and serena will be my and chuck???we're meant to be together..chuck bass is my forever!!xoxo

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  1. so you are the alter ego of mr sylar, sensitive to the others. i could say that your ability is the most powerful one compared to ours because you suck out our power..err,no, you replicate our abilities. so it's a package

    chuck bass?who wouldn't fall for the bad guy with a pretty face
    you must want him so badly that even the slightest bit of his love would be enough. haha...i mean, you use your power to make him yours. hmmm...doesn't sound real to me hoho!
    serena and blair? my vote goes to blair. i just love her dresses, her bags, her brunette locks..i think eventually, she'll be with chuck.if it's so, eat your heart out, darl