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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stupid forever

Dear you, this is the only place where i know that noone read it but u. But that was the old u. U know how u used to said that we are meant for each other? There was time when i thought u're right. Sbb we  always end up together.  Tp kn. i just found out that u dgn kakak tu tak pena break pn. So kira i kne tipu hidup2 2 kali. U know what they say. Fool me once, shame on u. Fool me twice, the shame is on me. Nk maki takde num u. I pn tak tahu mcm mana nk let go of this anger. Bukan anger pn. More to sadness kot. I seriously thought we would at last find ourselves together in the end. Tp tak pn. U were the only one yg accept all my flaws and consider them as my strength. Dlu i thought at least ad la sorg yg love me sgt sgt. But i guess ur love is cheap. Dlu i igt i yg jahat sgt. I buat u trok2. Tp sebenanya tak ckop trok pn. Bodoh nya i dlu.  I ni skrg pn dh ckp belit2. Ikut u la ni. Anywho, just know that i think u and kakak make the perfect couple. U both deserve each other. And i am officially removing this stupid forever hope on us. I really do hope u baca ni. U pnya 1643 tu kn is bullshit. Goodnight. Assalamualaikum.