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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i love HIYM

“Oh, we’re not drinking here, tonight we’re going big. Let’s see, what club should we hit first? There’s Club Was … There’s Wrong.” – Barney
“Umm, those places shut down a long time ago.” – Marshall
“Oh no!” – Barney
“Oh No shut down, too.” – Marshall
“There’s Where.” – Ted
“Where’s Where?” – Jerry
“Where’s where Was was isn’t it?” – Lily
“No, Was wasn’t where Where was, Was was where Wrong was. Right?” – Barney
“OK?” – Jerry
“Not OK, that place is lame.” – Ted
“OK is Lame? I thought Lame was a gay bar, or is that wrong?” – Robin
“That’s wrong. That’s not Wrong.” – Marshall
“Guys, focus.” – Barney
“Oh, I like Focus, let’s go there.” – Robin
“Where?” – Ted
“Not Where, Focus.” – Robin
“I thought Focus was closed?” – Lily
“No Was was closed. Once Was shut down and reopened as Closed.” – Barney
“So Closed is open.” – Marshall
“No Closed is closed.” – Robin
“I don’t know … third base!” – Jerry
“Ehhhh … Third Base is all frat guys.” – Robin
“I’ll go any place, OK?” – Lily
“NOT OK, OK is lame.” – Ted
“OK is not Lame, Lame is a gay bar.” – Robin
“Guys, shut up.” – Lily
“No, Shut Up shut down. I can’t believe I don’t know the clubs anymore.” – Barney
“Guys, just pick a club, OK?” – Marshall
“NOT OK.” – Ted
“OK is LAME … Gay bar!” – Everyone
“For the record, I was in there once by accident, I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Lamé.” – Marshall
“It’s Hopeless, isn’t it?” – Barney

Saturday, July 2, 2011

my forever

u used to be my forever. but now, i have a change of heart. i can;t live a day without hurting u. i don't know what is wrong with me. i keep on hurting u over n over again. i love u but my presence hurt u. i'm sorry. i'll just go with the flow.